Market information is the basis of economic decisions. Lack of information, or having incomplete information increases the risk of failure of economic goals frequently based on correct realisations. This is especially true in case of exploring new markets, future foreign acquisitions, or simply just a deal with a new foreign partner.

During the decade of our operation time, we have done market research, contributed to business starting and business liquidation, transacted concrete marketing transactions, and represented foreign partners. This decade proved, that the realization of the founders was right, and that Consultrade 2002 Ltd. was successful in solving the problems of our partners.

Even if we cannot know everything ourselves, we can find the right specialist to manage professionally the requests of our partners, let it be in Hungary or in other countries of the region.

 Our success is our partners business success!


Trading and retail trade has become one of our top line of business. We have been distributing products for many years that are not produced in, or difficult to come by in Hungary, thus making up for shortage or expand supply.

 We have been exclusively representing MarS a.s., JOJO WINGS s.r.o. in Hungary, as well as Klofáč s.r.o. in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro.


Consultrade 2002’s program named „Agro-project” was started in 2005 with a mandate for market research from a foreign partner in which we made a study helping to introduce our  partner's product in the Hungarian market. Seeing the results and our communication skills, the principal asked Consultrade 2002 Ltd. to represent them in the markets of Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Bulgaria. 

In the development of the business relationship the Klofáč spol. s r.o. became one of our top partners. Our cooperation meant a new line of business for us, in which we did product registration in Hungary, found reference users and distributed the products.

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Consultrade 2002 Ltd. has been into distributing Czech parachutes from the beginning. At first, we only dealt with emergency parachutes for civilian small aircrafts and for agricultural flying with the products of KRAS Chornice spol. s r.o. and MarS a.s., but after a market research we have expanded our supply with military parachutes, parachuting equipment and repair material. As today, we are also distributing the Czech factory JOJO WINGS’s canopies, paraglide canopies and kites.  

In light of the increasing interest and need, we have also expanded the line of MarS products with special military and law-enforcement equipment.

Consultrade 2002 Ltd. has all the necessary licences to trade and distribute military and law-enforcement equipment.



-          round and wing training and tactical parachute systems

-          on-board technician emergency parachute

-          cargo parachute systems

-          tactical tandem parachute systems

-          Automatic Activation Devices

-          ballistic vests

-          tactical vests

-          restraining equipment

-          NOMEX pilot clothing

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We supply pilot emergency parachutes for sport and work flying, wing chutes for sport and training purposes, parachute cases, high performance wing chutes, tandem parachute systems, Automatic Activation Devices, and many other parachuting equipment. Apart from selling goods, we provide services required for parachutes and parachuting.

We are one of the few Hungarian suppliers who have a direct factory backup. Thus we can provide factory level inspection and repair for all of our products.

We can provide professional training, guarantee and after-guarantee repairs, parachute re-folding and storing.





-          ATL 88/90 pilot emergency parachute

-          STUDENT 01 training parachute system

-          MarS I parachute case

-          Real-X parachute case

-          M 291 main canopy

-          M 252 and M 282 main canopy

-          HOP 260 and HOP 280 main canopy

-          HOP 330 tandem main canopy

-          RAPTOR main canopy

-          WP reserve canopy

-          MarS-T tandem parachute system

-          MPAAD Automatic Activation Device

-          m2 Automatic Activation Device

-          accessories

-          repair material

-          trainings

-          tandem jumps

-          parachute rental




 The posy of our parachute business line: Everything necessary for parachuting!



The owners of Consultrade 2002 Ltd. have been doing trainings based on their many decades worth of experience. 

As invited lecturers of adult education, they have given lectures about the topics of security policy, national security, business security in many High Education Institutions and colleges.  


Another part of our training is the special training we provide in parachuting and parachuting equipment. One of the owners of Consultrade 2002 Ltd has the highest number of jumps, more than 15 000. He received his licence in the 1960’s based on which many can say that they have learned the basics of military or sport parachuting from him. 

Our firm, Consultrade 2002 Ltd, cooperating with other enterprises, can provide the necessary personal and technical conditions for parachuting training.

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In the countries of the region due to historical reasons there is an almost limitless possibility of reserve in real estate. If you want a real estate project abroad, or you are searching for a foreign partner for your project in Hungary, we are happy to help you.

Current offers:

-          Property development in Slovakia

-          Property development and operation in Bulgaria and the coastline of the Black-sea





MarS a.s.





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